Wales' International Theatre Training Academy & School

Terms and Conditions

To ensure the academy experience runs as smooth as possible, we've had to implement a few rules! Please tick the box on your application form if you agree to them.
1. Fees

1.1 - All training fees must be paid on time for training to be provided.
1.2 - A 4 week non-refundable deposit is payable to secure place on each term.
1.3 - All sessions must be paid for even if missed.
1.4 - Any student who leaves before end of term is liable to pay for the full term.
1.5 - If any student gains professional work via Superstars in the Making, a 20% commission will be deducted from earnings.
1.6 - When fees are paid in two instalments there will be a £10 charge.  If the full term fee is not paid within the first two weeks of the new term, the £10 charge will also apply.

2. Class Rules

2.1 - Hair must be tied back.
2.2 - Jewellery is not allowed during training for health and safety reasons.
2.3 - All students must wear official Superstars in the Making® uniform.
2.4 - The use of mobile phones is prohibited throughout the training session.
2.5 - Any constant disruptive and disengaging behaviour will result in being asked to leave.
2.6 - We do not permit chewing gum or confectionary in class as we are a health promoting organisation.
2.7 - Superstars in the Making® and it's sub-contractors take no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal items and therefore we don't advise that students bring them to training.
2.8 - Students roles in projects or productions will vary from term to term and therefore, sometimes may support other students in roles or be supported. This will be taken into account each term, however, EVERY student will receive the same training.
2.9 - Due to the fast pace and contemporary style of teaching, we take absence very seriously and if a student misses a session without contacting us, they may lose their place.

3. Legal

3.1 - Photos and videos may be taken of students for promotional and educational purposes in the UK and overseas.
3.2 - All children and young people age 16 and under must be signed out by a legal guardian or a letter must be sent in for permission to leave alone if at a suitable age.
A copy of our child protection policy is available upon request.
3.3 - All work and teaching methods produced by Superstars in the Making® are unique and developed by our experts. They are protected by copyright and must not be replicated in any way.
3.4 - Superstars in the Making® and the logo are registered trademarks belonging to Christian Bullen. Any infringement of our brand will result in legal action.

Superstars in the Making® reserve the right to refuse membership to any individuals and also to make alterations to pricing structures at any time.

Superstars in the Making® reserve the right to ammend these terms and conditions at any time.

If you have any questions relating to our terms and conditions, please email