Wales' International Theatre Training Academy & School
Talent Agency Wales
Superstars in the Making® is fast becoming the most sought after
part-time training company for young people in the UK. The reason is simple; we strive to achieve excellence in every element of our work.
Our coaches are meticulously selected to provide expert level coaching that is relevant to each student. We see every student as an individual, providing them with the training and tools needed for a successful future.
Our management is designed exclusively for the young people we train. We know our students well and that is why we provide an excellent service to them and our professional contacts.     
Our dedicated management team are searching for opportunities for our clients on a daily basis. Our coaching team are constantly monitoring our clients to ensure they are building a strong repertoire of audition material and developing the skills needed to stand out.  
Our primary focus is theatre work, however we also send clients to TV, film and commercial auditions if relevant. Our training is also based on theatre performance, however the skills gained are widely transferable to other performance types.
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